What Is Matcha Tea?

If you’ve been out and about this year, you’ll definitely have heard a new health buzz word – matcha tea. But what exactly is this and if you do decide to drink it out of your favourite schnauzer mugs, what exactly are the health benefits?

To summarise, matcha is just 100 per cent natural great tea leaves that have been ground up to form a fine powder, with many people believing that it’s superior to drinking normal green tea because you’re not just getting the infused water down you – you’re basically eating the entire plant.

It’s thought that matcha is fantastic for fighting cancer, as well as burning fat, so if you’re keen to improve your health this year it might be wise to add this to your shopping list and have a cup each day. It can also lower your cholesterol, enhance your mood, improve your concentration levels, calm and relax you, increase your fibre intake and help fight against bacteria and viruses.

So how do you drink it? You can mix a teaspoon of it with some hot water to make a paste and then keep adding water until it reaches the taste and consistency you like. Alternatively, you can have iced matcha if you add two scoops to a cocktail shaker with ice in it and some filtered water. Or make a latte by blending one teaspoon into some hot water and then adding some steamed milk.

And you don’t just have to drink it. You can also mix it into your food – try mixing some matcha powder with some sea salt and sprinkling it on your poached eggs this weekend.

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