5 Amazing Coaster DIY Projects

Got some spare time this weekend? Then why not give one of these coaster DIYs a go? Your sausage dog mugs will be sitting pretty for the rest of time if you do! We want to see your makes so snap a few photos of them and send them in to us here at Nadia Sparham.

Felt Ball Coasters


Here’s one that’s super-simple to get you started. If you’re not overly confident in your crafty abilities, starting small with some cork board and a few wool felt balls seems like a good idea.

Sharpies & Washi Tape


Go for ceramics instead with this fun tutorial from Yellow Dog Press, using Sharpie pens and Washi tape (decorative paper tape from Japan that you’ll definitely have come across if you’re a crafty soul). Make your own stencils to get perfect lettering on your coasters.

Glittery Coasters


This one’s a little messy so we’d recommend putting down some paper first. All you do is swipe on some glue and then sprinkle all the glitter in the world onto your coaster base. Thanks, Parties for Pennies, for the inspiration!

Comic Book Coasters

comic book coasters-11

Kapow! Bam! What a great idea – turning old and unused coasters into something that wouldn’t look out of place on Tony Stark’s coffee table. We love!

Crochet Coasters


OK, so you’ve given all of those a go – now it’s time to challenge yourself. If you don’t know how to crochet, now’s the time to learn. Just look how cute these little crocheted coasters are? Who wouldn’t want these sitting pretty underneath a warming cup of tea?

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