Would You Go To A Cat Cinema?

We’ve all heard of cat cafés – they’re big news in Japan and London got its first one a few years ago – but now the concept is being taken a bit further… Don’t drop your Persian cat mugs in shock at the idea or anything, but a cat cinema is looking likely to be launched, if a crowdfunding campaign is successful.

Great Kitten will be a cinema, shelter and café all rolled into one, with about ten films per week shown at its base in London and audience members able to watch their favourite flicks cuddled up to a cat or two.

There are 51 days left on the Indiegogo campaign, with £807 raised of the £55,000 goal so if you think this idea has legs, why not lend it your support and pledge a bit of spare change? Giving just £1 will entitle you to guaranteed entrance to the kitty cinema within the first two months of its opening. For £3, you get a personalised thank you letter, £5 will get you a photo on the Great Kitten wall and a personalised thank you letter.

If you donate £10, you’ll be helping to treat a child or adult with mental health conditions, disabilities or a life-threatening illness the chance to have a cup of tea, slice of cake and a cuddle with the cats.

Those of you who want to be really involved could even pledge £150, for which you’ll be involved in food tastings and help the organisers decide films, the menu and the interiors and exteriors of the building.

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