Charles Darwin

Charles Darwin’s Children’s Sketches Survive Centuries!

If you came to the website for illustrated pug mugs, you might have also spotted the service to decorate white bone china with your children’s drawings. It’s a great way to capture their childhood in something a little more permanent that you can hold onto as an heirloom for decades to come when they’re all grown up.

After all, even some of the world’s greatest thinkers hoarded their children’s sketches, as you’d discover if you were to visit the American Museum of Natural History this year. New for 2015, in honour of Charles Darwin’s 106th birthday, is a 111 piece collection of drawings and stories by Darwin’s young children, alongside other members of his family.

It seems his kids often took to drawing and painting fanciful cartoons on the back of draft pages of his manuscripts, which then treasured and kept safe by the family, have become some of the only original manuscript pages still in existence.

It seems from their scribbles that the youngsters were somewhat inspired by their father, with paintings depicting a fish with legs (carrying an umbrella) and drawings of tropical birds, much like the finches on the Galapagos islands which triggered Darwin’s most famous theory of evolution.

Of course, as children, they’re a lot of fun too – and we think we’d definitely like to read the story which sees three men riding a pumpkin, pear and turnip with legs like horses. And well, while we can’t guarantee your little ones’ drawings will end up in museums over 150 years later, if you transform them into ceramic form, they’re sure to not get stuffed in the back of a drawer somewhere in years to come.


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