throw cushions

How To Mix & Match Throw Cushions & Bed Covers

If you are looking to update your bedroom with some throw cushions then create maximum impact with the following tips.

  1. Consider the fabric used. Can you match your throw cushions to the bed linen you’ve got in your bedroom? The warmer weather means you may be changing to lighter fabrics soon so consider that when purchasing cushions.
  2. Use a ‘karate chop’ in the middle of the cushion to create a crease – this will make them seem more lived in and loved. It will also help to break up uniform shapes and make cushions of different colours and patterns work together.
  3. Use plain fabrics to accent patterns. If you have plain bed sheets then consider a bright pattern to lighten up the room and vice versa.
  4. If you want to add a graphic hit to your bed but aren’t sure how much is too much, start with plain sheets and limit your patterned elements to fall within this colour palette.
  5. Contrast block colours with horizontal lines and vertical lines in narrow spaces to play with the eyes and make the space seem larger.
  6. Money matters and if your bed needs a complete style makeover invest in a few quality pieces to smarten up the room.
  7. Use throw cushions to add some fashionable accents. Current trends include metallic, pastels and geometric designs.
  8. Different sizes. Combine cushions of different sizes and shapes such as oval or oblong to create a more homely and welcoming look.

Got any interior design tips of your own? Give us a shout in the comments below!

spring greens

Hot Interior Trend: Spring Greens

There’s a lot to be said for the quick win when it comes to redecorating your home – you can’t always splash out on expensive wallpaper, tins of paint and new carpets whenever you want a fresh style injection, after all. That’s where throw cushions, pillows, rugs and other soft furnishings really come into their own. But what trends should you pick up on over the coming months?

It’ll probably come as no surprise that flora and fauna are big news right now. Are spring greens and the natural world ever really out of fashion? We’ve been spotting floral designs absolutely everywhere we look (perhaps unsurprising, given that’s it January and everyone needs a bit of cheering up!) and people really seem intent on bringing the outdoors in this 2015.

So how to introduce this trend into your own home? You could be brave and opt for something big and bold with a huge pattern (a rug or blanket would be perfect for this), or you could keep your pattern small and intricate, appearing on cushions scattered through your various rooms to tie them all in together.

What about your bed linen? If your sleeping quarters need a bit of rejuvenation, this would be a really easy way of giving the space an instant update. Or you could always have a look out for sculptures and other ceramics along a natural theme to reflect the trend in a more daring way.

However you choose to introduce nature into your home this year, you’ll look like you’ve certainly got your finger on the pulse of the interior design world. So go for it!