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Would You Go To A Cat Cinema?

We’ve all heard of cat cafés – they’re big news in Japan and London got its first one a few years ago – but now the concept is being taken a bit further… Don’t drop your Persian cat mugs in shock at the idea or anything, but a cat cinema is looking likely to be launched, if a crowdfunding campaign is successful.

Great Kitten will be a cinema, shelter and café all rolled into one, with about ten films per week shown at its base in London and audience members able to watch their favourite flicks cuddled up to a cat or two.

There are 51 days left on the Indiegogo campaign, with £807 raised of the £55,000 goal so if you think this idea has legs, why not lend it your support and pledge a bit of spare change? Giving just £1 will entitle you to guaranteed entrance to the kitty cinema within the first two months of its opening. For £3, you get a personalised thank you letter, £5 will get you a photo on the Great Kitten wall and a personalised thank you letter.

If you donate £10, you’ll be helping to treat a child or adult with mental health conditions, disabilities or a life-threatening illness the chance to have a cup of tea, slice of cake and a cuddle with the cats.

Those of you who want to be really involved could even pledge £150, for which you’ll be involved in food tastings and help the organisers decide films, the menu and the interiors and exteriors of the building.

chow chow

The Great British Dog Walk

If you couldn’t tell already, we’re head over heel for man’s best friend here at Nadia Sparham and, if there’s one of our cocker spaniel mugs in your kitchen cupboard, we guess you are too!  Well then, we think you and your real life pooch might be interested in the news of the first ever Great British Dog Walk.

There are ten National Trust sites across the UK that have signed up to hold these events over the next few months, where dog owners, dog lovers and, of course, the dogs themselves will all congregate for a day out en masse. Anticipating pups of all shapes and sizes attending the walks, each one has an option of a three kilometre route or an eight kilometre route, so whether you’re sporting a whopping Great Dane or a little legged French Bulldog, everyone can take part.

Best of all, you don’t have to be a dog owner to attend, so if you fall firmly into the dog appreciator category, but haven’t found room for a canine pal of your own quite yet, you can head along and say hello to what will hopefully be hundreds of participating pooches.

The walks have been organised by the Hearing Dogs for Deaf People charity to raise awareness of these special animals, so also expect a chance to meet some of these heroes , see what they do and get a chance to sponsor their journeys into hearing dogs.

Various walks in Glasgow and Newcastle have already taken place, but there are eight more across the country before the 28th June.  Keep an eye out for your local events by heading to the Great British Dog Walk website.

cat and dog

Watch: Dog In Amazing Cat Rescue!

We know how much you all love dogs – our sales of sausage dog mugs are a true testament to this undeniable fact – but we think there’s room enough to love our beautiful furry friends just that little bit more, which is what is sure to happen after you watch this YouTube video currently doing the rounds of a cat being rescued by his puppy pal.

Not necessarily known for being the best of friends, this dog goes against all the stereotypes and rushes to this hapless feline’s rescue pretty quickly after he gets his head a bit stuck in a red plastic cup.

We can only imagine the relief the poor little kitty must have felt once his bonce was free at long last – major props to the pup for lending a paw in his time of need.

Hopefully he’ll receive a few doggy treats in the post – since the video was uploaded to YouTube a few days ago, it’s had 1,535,635 views… pretty darned impressive, wouldn’t you say?

Have you seen any other funny animal clips that have captured your imagination in recent weeks? We’d love to see them if you have – there’s no better way to cheer yourself up a bit than with a bit of YouTubing after all, and the internet is rife with brilliant cat and dog videos.

Let’s get some sharing going. Stick your favourite videos in the comments below – we can’t wait to see what you’ve all discovered down the back of the internet.

owl cushions

Watch: Baby Owls Dancing Away!

If your house is full of owl cushions, then you’re going to get an absolute kick out of this video that shows two excessively cute little burrowing owls getting their groove on in front of a GoPro camera.

Captured perfectly by wildlife photographer Megan Lorenz, the cutie-pies can be seen staring straight into the camera lens while bopping merrily away. Apparently, Megan left the camera on her lawn outside her house and then went off to work – what a great thing to come home to!

The video is proving very popular indeed, with over four million views on YouTube already – pretty impressive since it was only uploaded on February 7th. If you’re not just a fan of owls but cute little critters in general, then we highly recommend checking out Megan’s YouTube channel as she’s got lots of videos of some amazing wildlife for you to peruse, from puffins and elk to bears and even more owls!

If you’re not an owl enthusiast, we reckon you’ll quickly become one after watching this short little clip. We’ve watched it ten times already and we’re not bored of it yet! Have you come across any interesting or funny wildlife videos in your travels around the internet? We’d love to see them if you have so drop us a line in the comments below.

The internet is just chock-full of great clips and videos of animals, both domestic and in the wild, doing all sorts of funny things and we’re sure we’ve not seen them all yet, so let’s get sharing our favourites on the blog.