UK’s Favourite Biscuit Revealed!

Very exciting news coming out of the UK today – the nation’s favourite biscuit has been chosen and we’re sure that it’ll come as no surprise to those of you who love to dunk merrily away in your bulldog mugs that it’s the chocolate digestive.

Compiled by the Blue Cross to celebrate its Paws for Tea fundraising event on May 15th, the top ten rundown was chocolate digestives, chocolate Hobnobs, custard creams, shortbread, Jaffa Cakes, chocolate chip cookies, digestives, ginger nuts, chocolate bourbons and chocolate fingers.

However, a separate list was compiled to find the nation’s favourite dunking biscuit, with the top ten looking like this: digestive, chocolate digestive, chocolate Hobnobs, Rich Tea, ginger nuts, custard creams, plain Hobnobs, malted milk, chocolate bourbons and shortbread.

“We all know us Brits love a brew and our poll showed that on average we consume three cups of tea or coffee in a typical day, two of which will be enjoyed with a biscuit or two as a treat,” centre manager at Blue Cross in Suffolk Andrew Gillon remarked.

We think both rundowns look pretty good – we’re fans of all those biccies here at Nadia Sparham. Certainly, we’ve been known to break out the cups and saucers and dunk a few of them in our time. But what we seriously enjoy doing is dunking a KitKat… we learned long ago that if you bite the ends off first, you can use them as a straw!

Perhaps not something to do in polite company when you’ve got the fine bone china out, but the next time you’re having a quiet brew to yourself give it a go. Life-changing!

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